Mr. Sakellariou is above all human, not at all money-minded. I’m very pleased and what I can say with certainty is that he is excellent overall. He explained to me the factors with an impact on my problem and was interested in contacting me even after completion of the treatment to find out about my progress.

Stavroula A.

I am satisfied in every way, this is the reason why I got back to Mr. Sakellariou for a second time. My waist has been restored to normal, I feel a lot better and wish to come back for the treatment of neck problems.

Sevasti S.

Pleasant environment with expertise in the field, very good service and a clinic that addresses numerous musculoskeletal disorders. I felt much better after the treatments and I’m satisfied overall.

Sofia H.

Excellent work, a real scientist who does not just apply physiotherapy techniques but is also interested in actually resolving the problem. He focuses on tissue renewal, even for health problems that cannot in fact be resolved, like some of mine, when at least one feels much better and very relieved. Personally, I don’t remember my pains in my waist anymore. I’m soaring… in my place, others would be walking around with a cane. He offers a boost to the body to develop toward better health. The way he works makes the treatment focus on actual improvement rather than on maintenance. Success is because of the patient – therapist confidence relationship he creates. The first time I came, I remember he told me ‘what I want us to accomplish is that you do not rely on our sessions in order to carry out your motor activities ’.

Lia Papageorgopoulou

We started treatment as soon as the splint was removed from my hand. The aim was to fully restore the shoulder movement trajectory as well as strength rehabilitation and proper muscle control of the Shoulder Belt. Rehabilitation was complete. Mr. Sakellariou was my first experience of a physiotherapist. He immediately inspires you confidence by dealing with the problem in seriousness and responsibility, with immediate and visible results. Friendly and willing to help you at all times I highly recommend him for any kind of problem related to his practice.

Ghiorgos M.

I saw a lot of improvement in my lower back, as well, I liked you very much as human beings. I consider that most important of all is that the therapist should primarily be human, a quality that fully applies to Mr. Sakellariou. The Manual physiotherapy team is very polite and kind, so that even if the outcome of the treatment was not successful, I would still come back to you.

Spyridoula N.

I am very pleased with the approach applied to my case as well as in the time devoted to focus on my problem. A solution was found as to how to deal with it and learn to live without compromising my quality of life.

Kostas S.

I’m very content overall. After completion of the treatment, even though I’m 82 years old, I was able to go back to the Pilates training sessions I had had before I started aching. I can only say the best about the manual physiotherapy team. If a new problem appears in my waist, I will definitely prefer Mr. Sakellariou and his Manual Physiotherapy team.

Μαria Β.

I had spinal pain. I was introduced by a colleague of yours who maintained you’re the best. I was very much helped by exercises specially conceived for this purpose. I have greatly been relieved. I liked your approach to my condition. The kindness and friendly treatment of yourself and your partners is your distinct element. Thank you very much.

Pylarinou Irini

I had a lower back (waist) problem. I’ve been here before and I was very pleased. I’m much better now. Very good care from both of you. The exercises helped me a lot. An excellent attitude and very friendly environment. I would suggest to people to come to you as a priority, because every time I do so, the treatment is indeed effective.

Dimitra Lambropoulou