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The effects of tendinopathies in everyday life can be so severe that the patient can stop any sports or significantly reduce other activities such as social, family, professional, etc.

Shoulder Pain (Periarthritis)

One of the most common area that causes severe symptoms is the shoulder joint. Pain is the most usual symptom and it is often accompanied by inability to perform certain movements along with stiffness that is usually painful too.

Low back pain

Very common problem affecting millions of people around the world with enormous financial, social and health repercussions. Sometimes there is pain that can be very severe, without the patient being able to remember any movement that preceded it and could be blamed for his symptom.

αυχενικο συνδρομο παραμορφωμένος αυχένας

Cervical Syndrome

Most often there is pain that may be accompanied by a feeling of tightness in the neck area (neck). The pain may be felt locally in the neck, or it may even reflect up to the fingers. Symptoms may include numbness, muscle weakness, feeling of electric current running the arm down to the fingers. In severe cases of cervical myelopathy disturbances in gait may be observed too.


It is a form of chronic pain. Usual symptoms are stiffness, diffuse tenderness in muscles and joints without inflammation, memory disorders, concentration, mental activity. It needs patience and a the treatment usually takes time. Examination is only clinical and laboratory tests like magnetic tomography, electromyography, X rays etc are practically useless. Special medications along with specially designed exercises together with psychological support is very important. Therefore a multidisciplinary team of health professionals must cooperate to help patients with fibromyalgia.

θλαση οπισθιων μηριαιων hamstrings injury

Muscle sprains

These are very common injuries in athletes who reach 55% of acute sports injuries. Of course, very often muscle spasms occur in people who exercise to improve their health. A successful treatment includes a detailed clinical examination and documentation of the history of the accident and a carefully designed and customized treatment protocol that must include exercises that load the muscles in a very exact and spesific way to avoid re injury.

πονος στο γονατο

Knee pain

The knee is probably the most “widely used” joint in our body and as such is next to hurt us at some point. The causes of knee pain are divided into two general groups. In all cases of knee pain the secret of a successful treatment is a good clinical examination and a treatment protocol that includes exercises that aim to gradual loading of the joint.