Code of conduct

In “Manualphysiotherapy”, physiotherapy is not just our job. It is our duty every patient not only to see day by day the improvement and relief in his body, but also to feel the certainty that he will succeed and return even more strongly to life and their favorite activities. And the Code to which we are committed is as follows:

  •  We NEVER promise results that we cannot bring, nor do we create expectations that we cannot really meet.

  • WE ALWAYS use only the most effective methods based solely on the benefit and health of the patient.

  • We NEVER promise to help a patient if we sincerely know we can’t.

  • We  ALWAYS seek the quickest possible recovery of the patient by offering him the necessary supplies so that he can remain healthy in the future.

  • We NEVER consider one patient more important than another, thus influencing the course of treatment for one another.

  • We ALWAYS stay in open communication with each patient, not only during his treatment but also afterwards, providing him with valuable support.

  • We ALWAYS make the most of our knowledge and experience so that our vision becomes a reality on an ever-increasing scale, for the benefit of those who need us.