Everything you would like to know about Manual Physiotherapy Center

Manual Physiotherapy is a Physio Center founded in 1999 by physiotherapist, Mr. Konstantinos Sakellariou.Our practice is staffed by a multidisciplinary team and equipped with modern infrastructure of physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise, so that it can effectively cover the full range of musculoskeletal rehabilitation services.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide physiotherapeutic services just like the ones we would like others to provide us with, along with scientific proficiency, kindness, respect and care, in a clean and congenial environment with concern, in the context of a personal relationship rather than a standardized one.

Individual patient approach

We therefore focus on each individual patient and their needs as human beings, not as one more case of lumbago, sciatica, neck pain etc. Each patient has his/her personal therapist always next to them, who registers their daily therapeutic program, adjusting it according to the rehabilitation progress.

Individual treatment plan

We attach great importance to the personal relationship between patient-therapist and to the customization of the therapeutic program which ensures optimum results and prompt rehabilitation to everyday life. This relationship continues even after completion of the treatment since we maintain contact at regular intervals with people we have treated, so that we can be updated on their health status, enrich their exercise program whenever this is necessary and support them in difficult circumstances should they need our help.

Specialized interdisciplinary team

Our people at Manualphysiotherapy have all been carefully selected and have completed their specialization in Manual Therapy (specialization in musculoskeletal physiotherapy) and other fields such as therapeutic exercise, medical acupuncture etc.

We all share the same vision for the total rehabilitation of our patients as well as their speedy and safe return to former activities before their problem emerged.  This is why the personal therapeutic exercise is part of the treatment right from the start.

Why Manual Physiotherapy?

At a time when the pressure and stress of life feel like being inevitable, and combined to the particularly demanding and exhausting rate of day-to-day life, all the more do our fellow men and women start suffering from pains and reduced mobility which render their daily life even more difficult to manage.

Neck pain (cervical syndrome), lumbago, sciatica, tendinitis (tendon inflammation) are now only some of the most commonly met diseases. At the same time, some injury or health problem can severely tax the human body causing not only reduced mobility but psychological distress too.

With 31 years of experience in Manualphysiotherapy, we can substantially assist you either preventively or therapeutically. Our vision is for each and every one of our patients to be completely rehabilitated and to realize they can now enjoy life without hassle, pain or restrictions.

  • For us, our patient is the focus of our attention

  • We offer our services based on the “one therapist – one patient model”

  • We are committed and qualified to offer you optimum treatment, based on our continuous education and working experience in Greece and abroad.

  • We offer consultation to our patients as an additional service and support whenever needed.

  • We have a multidisciplinary team to cover a large aspect of patient needs.

  • 80% of our patients complete their treatment in 50% less time than the expected.

  • Your symptoms will be relieved and you will be more functional in the course of the first 3 sessions, not any later!

The long and established experience of the founder of Manualphysiotherapy, physiotherapist Kostas Sakellariou, involves among others:

  • Nineteen (19) uninterrupted years of teaching at internationally recognized specialization programs in Manual Therapy

  • Delivery of training to more than 350 physiotherapists, colleagues in Greece and abroad, such as Romania and Korea.

  • Post Graduate degree from the School of Medicine in Athens in Molecular and Applied Physiology

  • Two (2) years and 2.859 physiotherapy sessions in orthopedic, musculoskeletal, neurological problems and athletic injuries in Klinik Bavaria, one of the biggest rehabilitation clinics in Germany.

certified physiotherapists - certifications

What to expect from Manual Physiotherapy?

For us at Manualphysiotherapy the patient is at the center of our attention. Our ultimate priority is their full rehabilitation of physical and psychological health, ensuring they will be able to continue to enjoy life without distress, pain or restrictions.

Coming to us initially involves the assessment of your problem with a detailed registration of your medical history.  We will record your daily routine and activities and the way they affect your symptoms in the context of a holistic and personalized approach.

Next, we will carry out the clinical ten-point examination. Finally, a diagnosis and classification of your problem will be made and your individual therapeutic scheme will be worked out based on your personal targets.

Complete your PROSOMATIC PHYSIO, or call us today to make an appointment via our communication form and we shall be more than happy to assist you.