Sundeep Kular

As a flight attendant for a Canadian airline I had recently injured my back. I live in Athens and was looking for a physiotherapist who could communicate in English and also help me with any forms required for my employer. Not only is Kostas an excellent physiotherapist with his knowledge but he has a great sense of humor, it made my weekly appointments worthwhile. Over the course of 3 months he helped me build my strength and return to my full duties at work. His practice and colleagues are exceptional and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Benjamin Bories

After an important knee surgery and being a student for a few months in Greece (and not speaking Greek) it was a relief to find Mr. Sakellariou for my physio therapy.
Not only was he good as a physio therapist and gave me back hope when orthopedists were telling me I should forget about all sports, but he is also really friendly and we had some nice chat in English (his English is perfect) and even in French.
I will highly recommend him for English speakers looking for a highly competent physiotherapist in Athens. Moreover Mr Sakellariou has been really helpful in dealing with my German insurance.

Victoria Foskolou

The problem I needed you to sort was leg and buttock pain as I had been diagnosed with trochanteritis. I was introduced by a well-known physical therapist who claimed that since I hadn’t found elsewhere an answer to my problem, it was only here I would be healed. I had had several physical therapies, not only without any positive outcome whatsoever, but my discomfort got even worse. On the very first visit I realized that Mr Sakellariou is indeed knowledgeable, he understood what my problem was, so he would be able to solve it. I was mostly assisted by exercises. I’ve never suffered any pain since then though I had been limping before. A very amicable environment, clean, everyone was polite and gave me the attention I needed. From the first visit I felt I was going to be fine, he’s knowledgeable, I believed in him. After getting well again, the friends who saw me couldn’t believe their eyes and wanted to come see by themselves. So of course, I would recommend anyone to Mr. Sakellariou. A big thank you, I had had a poor life till then, I simply couldn’t accomplish anything by myself.

Emmanuel Gerasimatos

My problem was chronic lower back pain. I was urged by a friend rheumatologist to come to you. Because of my trust in the doctor, I decided to do so. I had had previous treatments without any success though. With physical therapy, muscular strengthening was achieved and I learned to move and support my body much better. I think what helped me most were the “plank” type exercises and strengthening of the legs. What I liked about you was your knowledge on the subject, the encouragement and friendly treatment. Also your different approach in the treatment of the problem (doctors usually suggest medication and immobility). For all these reasons I would strongly introduce you to any of my friends or acquaintances. Thank you very much for everything and hope that some day you will move to the vicinity of Peristeri as well where I live.

Mariza L.

For the past five or six months, I was suffering from acute neck pain, especially during working hours. After a consultation with Mr Sakellariou, it was identified that the problem was rooted in my wrong body posture. He explained to me how various forces impact on structures such as nerves and muscles and later proceeded to treatment with stretching as well as neck movements in a highly professional and careful way. I was given advice on how to deal with the problem during work, which is predominantly sedentary. In our meeting, my personal trainer who was with me, after discussion with the physiotherapist, received useful advice on less wear and tear and pressure at the point during training. I felt the friendly environment rather than the typical relationship of a physiotherapist with the patient, which helped me understand exactly what I should do. He even perceived the psychological issues involved which were the anxiety and stress I experienced in my work environment. A week later, the first results were visible and my body was functioning without stressing my neck, not only at work but also in gym workouts, whether aerobic or with weights.

George Gerakis

Kostas Sakellariou is an excellent scientist and physiotherapist with professional integrity.  I met him many years ago when I was injured in a car accident and had a knee operation with four knee screws.  Kostas willingly came home for the first necessary treatments and then I went to his clinic where, with patience, expert knowledge and techniques, made sure my knee was restored. That was how we met.  A few years later, when i had a meniscus rupture in my left leg, again the sessions with him worked a miracle. Assisted by his impeccable partner and in a short time, the rupture was something of the past!  The clinic is splendidly decorated offering tranquility during exercise sessions.  In addition to the highly trained physiotherapist, Kostas is also distinguished for the special care and attention he gives his patients. But, above all, his sense of humor is what creates a pleasant ambiance that enables the patient to feel comfortable and relaxed.  I highly recommend the professional, Kosta Sakellariou, to those who need the expert and personal care of physiotherapy as he is knowledgeable in his field and uses this know-how to the benefit of his patients.

Theodoros Saltavareas

Suffering from an unspecified form of back pain, with lower back pain from time to time, I was referred to Mr Sakellariou and his team. From the very first session I felt great relief with the manual therapy techniques he applies with very good results. We started by treating the pain and limited mobility, and completed the treatment with exercises so that I have fully returned physically and psychologically to my daily life and gym exercises. A well-equipped clinic with a range of exercise and rehabilitation apparatus. I would recommend it unreservedly!

Maria-Sotiria Tzamali

After eight (8) months of unbearable lower back and leg pain due to activation of three cysts that hit the nerves, after countless cocktails of painkillers on a daily basis and the instructions of doctors for immediate intervention, or else it was bound in the long term to result into paralysis, an authority in the field was the cause of my stopping to take pills and for the pain to smooth significantly. Most importantly I can move without stopping every three steps due to endless cramps. I am very lucky that through two people from Voula Hospital who are helping me, I came to this physical therapy clinic in the center of Athens and I do feel the need to say a huge ‘thank you’!!

Alexander Goulielmos

My shoulder started to hurt after a weight training session when I lifted 110 pounds in dumbbell bench presses for breast exercise. The pain gradually worsened to a peak, 2 weeks after the start of the problem. When I came here, I had already stopped training for two and a half months. I followed an active rehabilitation program based on functional needs and adapted to my sport. My hand is much better, it has almost fully recovered, within 4 treatment sessions. I am delighted!.

Nikolaos Romanakis

Although there is a serious injury, I chose to have conservative treatment because I did not want to undergo surgery at that moment. After analysis of the limitations of the conservative treatment, a rehabilitation program was applied, aiming to the restoration of the full knee trajectory, which was achieved. The emphasis was then placed on improving balance and stimulation of kinesthetic sources, as well as improving strength on both legs. The knee is functional and does not obstruct daily activities. I am very pleased with the overall work done for me and by the outcome too. My knee is now very well again after only seven (7) treatment sessions.

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