Manualphysiotherapy:TEN-POINT CHECKLIST

If you were to take your vehicle for service work, how carefully would you want the mechanic to carry out the inspection? Most probably you would want them to check every single item so that you ensure you won’t be taken by surprise with some unexpected or major breakdown costing you extra money and time, right?

For precisely the same reason we have developed the “Ten-point Checklist” which allows us not only gain a clear understanding of each individual patient case, but mainly to proceed with an effective treatment regime which will save the patient not only money and time, but above all pain and hassle. How? by doing the following:

φυσικοθεραπεια αθηνα κωστασ σακελλαριου φυσικοθεραπευτησ ζωγραφου
  1. Examination of mobility of all joints possibly involved in patient’s problem
  2. Examination of nerve mobility related to patient’s problem
  3. Examination of deep tendon reflexes
  4. Examination of muscle strength and endurance
  5. Examination of posture and walking
  6. Examination of the patterns of movement for the core and extremities
  7. Examination of balance and equilibrium dysfunctions
  8. Analysis and Identification of underlying issues causing your problem, hence resolving the cause, not only the symptoms.
  9. Design of a customized treatment programme for each patient
  10. Assignment of home exercises to ensure fastest possible rehabilitation with return to your daily activities and tasks.

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