About Manual Physiotherapy in Zografou

φυσικοθεραπεια αθηνα ζωγράφου χωρος θεραπειαςManual Physiotherapy in Zografou was founded by Physiotherapist Kostas Sakellariou in 1999. It is staffed by a group of physiotherapists specializing in musculoskeletal physiotherapy (Manual Therapy).
The physical therapy clinic is equipped both with physical means such as TECAR, electrotherapy, an exercise device with blood flow restrictions (Blood Flow Restrictions), as well as with special therapeutic exercise equipment: devices specially designed for rehabilitation such as Norsk for back exercises that do not strain the neck, Total gym gravity system that ensures quick and safe recovery without side effects, proprioceptive and balance training systems. Biomedical acupuncture services are also provided for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. The services are always designed with the patient in mind, with the target being a quick and complete return to normal daily activities and obligations. The whole spectrum of rehabilitation services for musculoskeletal diseases as well as difficult painful problems is effectively covered.
Avidou 15, Zografou, 15771, Attica [map]