About Manual Physiotherapy in Glyfada

We are a group of physical therapists with a vision of fully restoring the health of people who trust us delivering them back to their everyday routine as quickly as possible.

Our clinic is designed to provide specialized services for symptom relief, therapeutic exercise aimed at the quick and timely start of normal daily activities, clinical pilates exercise programs and biomedical acupuncture services for any musculoskeletal problem.

We also provide advice and design personalized programs of recovery and maintenance of physical condition after the end of the treatments, according to the individual needs and goals of each person.

Our clinic has 2 gyms with different philosophies of therapeutic exercise. One is a Pilates studio with modern equipment for exercise programs from beginners to professionals. The second gym is oriented towards functional exercise with resistances and weights, covering the entire spectrum of functional rehabilitation after accidents, operations, back pain, neck problems, etc.

We have two rooms for treatment with natural means such as TECAR, impact ultrasound, electrotherapy, but also biomedical acupuncture or massage.

We cover the entire range of musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, post-operative physical therapy for conditions such as menisci, anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, tendinopathy, tendon ruptures, shoulder operations, arthroplasties, fracture operations, etc.

We are always by the person’s side at every step of their treatment, in all stages of the therapeutic exercise and also in the phase of returning to daily activities, whether these are sports, hobbies or work.

Karaikaki 23, Glyfada, 16675 [χάρτης]
Τηλ: 216 0035521